Children's Consignment

Please call the store to schedule an appointment to bring in your items!

Telephone:  226-421-3016



When do you accept consignment items?

  1. Non-seasonal consignment items such as baby products, toys, books are accepted all year.  All-season maternity is also accepted year 'round.
  2. Ladies and children's SPRING AND SUMMER clothing is accepted from mid-January to July.
  3. Ladies and children's FALL AND WINTER clothing is accepted from July to mid-December.


What items do you accept for consignment?

Clothing from baby sizes to ladies, maternity wear, toys, books, footwear, baby equipment, and now housewares!


Do I need an appointment to drop off items?

Yes, please schedule an appointment by calling the store 226-421-3016.


How often can I make an appointment and how much can I bring?

You may make two appointments MAXIMUM per season, only 3 boxes per appointment. Appointments must be 4 weeks apart. 10 LADIES items total unless we have agreed that you may bring more.


Boxes MUST be diaper-sized, if you are bringing your items in bags, the bags must be equivalent to a diaper-sized box.


If you bring in more than 3 diaper-sized boxes, the rest will be considered a donation to the store.


Should I bring my items in boxes, bags or totes?

We do not accept clothing in totes or bins unless you do not want them back.  Items should be in diaper-sized boxes or an equivalent bag size.


What do you do with the items you do not take?

Clothing is donated to Cerebral Palsy. 


How should I bring in my items?

Items MUST BE hanger ready.  All clothing and toys must be spotless, all zippers and snaps done up.  If clothing is stained, buttons are not done up, clothing is inside out, items are covered in pet hair, these items will be donated AND you will only receive 25% of the sale price for the items we keep.  Footwear must be freshly washed or it will be donated. 


Who determines the price of my items?

Our staff sets the price on the consignment items, feel free to offer suggestions on products that may not be as well known to us.  Prices are determined by condition, size and demand.


What percentage of the sale price will I receive?

Consignors who bring in neatly folded clothing, with all zippers and snaps done up will receive 50% of the sale price minus a 10% admin fee.  For example, we price an item at $5, when you login to your account, you will see the item priced at $4.50 as the system has already removed the 10% fee.  When the $5 items sells, you will receive 50% of $4.50.  (This translates to 45% of the original sale price)

If we only keep 25% of your items due to the poor condition or items are not hanger-ready, you will only receive 25% of the sale.


How do I collect the funds for my sold items?

Once your item(s) is/are sold, your share is shown on your account and will remain there for one year from the date it is earned. Consignors can use the funds towards purchases in store, or request a cash payout. Please note that after one year of inactivity on your account any funds left in your consignor account expire.  Amounts owing under $300 may be collected anytime without notice, amounts owing over $300 require 3 business days notice.  It is our discretion to pay by cash, cheque or e-transfer.


How do I check my balance?

When you open an account you will be provided with a login # and a password.  Balances can be checked online by logging into your account at


How long will my items remain on the floor for sale?

  1. Maternity clothing, toys, books ect., stay in our system for one year after which time they will either be donated or become the property of The Red Door.
  2. Children's clothing will be displayed for 3 months at full price, then the clothing will be marked down to $1.
  3. Ladies clothing will stay on display for 3 months at full price, then the clothing will be marked down to $2.


Are the items that do not sell returned to me?

No, due to the immense volume of clothing we receive items are not returned to consignors, they are donated to Cerebral Palsy.