Above & Below Sea & Sky

Above & Below Sea & Sky

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48 Pieces

TIME FOR DISCOVERY AND WONDER- a unique puzzle concept from Crocodile Creek guaranteed to delight kids. These eco-friendly puzzles teach kids as they have fun while learning about the world above of winged creatures and the world below of creatures of the deep.
CREATURES ABOVE AND BELOW – EAGLES & PARROTS - WHALES & SHARKS –Not only is it a fun beautifully illustrated puzzle, but it’s also a great way to learn more about the birds above and the sea creatures below. Eagles & Sharks! Flamingoes and Whales! Toucans and Dolphins!
A BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED PUZZLE! Each of our Crocodile Creek puzzles are thoughtfully designed and beautifully illustrated by artists from around world. Our Crocodile Creek puzzles are considered by many parents and teachers to be the best puzzles in the market for young children.
PUZZLES - A CLASSIC TIMELESS TOY—A PERFECT PRESENT! Puzzles are a beloved classic toy appreciated by parents and teachers around the world. They make perfect gifts for young children. Our Crocodile Creek puzzles bring a modern interpretation to these classics toys as they delight, inspire and educate today’s kids.
PUZZLES ARE GREAT FOR EARLY LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT. Puzzles are not only a fun, engaging activity, but they also build confidence and self-esteem in young children. They are perfect for helping children develop critical cognitive and problem solving skills as well as enhancing fine motor skills.

Brand: Crocodile Creek
Size: 4+