Organic Cottage Dream Sack

Organic Cottage Dream Sack

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Bear Black, 18-36m, 2.5 Tog

The Cottage Collection Sleep Sack is a super soft, cozy addition, allowing your little one to catch the good night sleep they need. The 100% cottony softness will provide that safe, sleepy surrounding you want for your little ones bedtime comfort. This Sleep sack has a 2.5 tog rating. TIP…Use your choice of your child’s clothing to control their comfort combined with the Sleep Sack. For a warmer child they may only require short sleeves or maybe only a bodysuit instead of a full sleeper. Each child and home is completely different. Features 1-way safety zipper that closes at the bottom to avoid neck opening and baby slipping down into the sleep sack.

Pre-shrunk 100% certified organic cotton
Fill -100% polyester
One-Way Safety Zipper
Quilted top 2.5 tog

Brand: Juddlies
Size: 18m+