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Squadron Racers

Squadron Racers

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Calling all junior fighter pilots! Time to report for FUN duty with Tiger Tribe’s Squadron Racers Vintage Planes — an awesome, all-in-one aerial game and creative activity set.

Pilots first select their plane, either design your own with stickers and coloured markers or select one of the coloured vintage planes. Pop them out and construct with easy tab and slot construction.

Then pit yourself against friends in a skill based dog fight! Fly your plane the furthest, or the highest or be the closest to land on the included target sheets. Kind of like pin the tail on the donkey, only with fighter planes!

Great for solo play or an engaging party game with friends, tests fine and gross motor skills in a fun action packed game.

Each set includes:

6x pop out foam planes (3 colour and 3 Black & white)
6x propellers
6x protective nose cones
6x sticker sheets
6x markers
4x large target sheets

Suitable ages 5+

Brand: Tiger Tribe
Size: 5+